Our First Dapper Day!

Corey and I started our crazy Disney life together on our honeymoon in September of 2012. It wasn’t until after we got back that I learned about Dapper Day and I made sure that we would partake some day.

My some day was 5 years in the making.

Dapper Day is a non-sanctioned Disney Parks event that Disney Parks has started to partner with due to how much it’s grown since its inception in 2011. This year, there was a pre-event night at Paddlefish in Disney Springs, a pop-up shop at Magic Kingdom and a secret shop at Epcot. Because Walt Disney World is just so big, the event organizers spread it over 2 days at the parks and we planned on hitting both.

Since the fashion chosen by most guests is vintage-inspired, I opted to wear my tea-length wedding dress but wanted to jazz it up with some character inspired accessories. So I chose my favorite outfit from It’s A Small World: the Brazilian girl in the finale scene. She wears gold and white polka dots with a huge head wrap and I love her style!

So I set out to make a huge head wrap and a gold and white polka dotted apron. I added some rickrack and a giant gold ribbon and then decided to paint a wristlet with the Small World clock face, so hopefully my outfit would make sense to some. Whether it did or not, I got lots of compliments all day and was just so happy that I finally got to partake in the day I’ve been gushing over for 5 years.

While I went all out, Corey and Penny were a bit more subtle. Corey donned a Jack Kelly-inspired Newsies outfit while Penny wore her Mickey’s best, since Dapper Day also fell on Mickey’s 89th Birthday. (She had a great time at the Birthday Dance Party, too.)

We stayed all night. We watched Elsa light the Christmas castle and eavesdropped on some newly appointed Cast Members as they took in Happily Ever After for the first time and eventually got to wish the Mouse a Happy Birthday in person.

Morning came way too quickly and, since Corey plays softball on Sundays, our Epcot outing for day 2 of Dapper Day was much shorter. Instead of doing it up big time, I went more comfortable and sparkly in head to toe gold. Penny wore red once more, but this time a little more casual. And we let Corey wear his regular clothes.

We had a bit of inspiration from Moana for our second day and not only did we have a different vibe, the entire Dapper crowd at Epcot had a different vibe. I don’t know if it was because we got there so late or if everyone saves their best outfit for Magic Kingdom but the weekend was really fun, regardless.

Overall, I’m really happy with how our weekend and outfits turned out. Dapper Day will return to Disney World in the spring and we’ll be ready for it. It’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility to dress a little nicer on any given day at the parks but it really was awesome to see just how passionate people are about Dapper Day and stepping out in their best fashions. I loved how differently people interpret “Dapper.” If you can make a trip work around one of these 2 times a year, it’s worth it, for sure.

Though, the big skirts make rides a little more difficult. 😉




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