I got my magnets and, no, I’m not trading

I’d like to take a moment to talk about entitlement; particularly, Disney Annual Passholder entitlement.

Now, we’ve only been APs since September so I can’t say if my attitude will change the longer I hold my little yellow Mickey card, but man, oh man. Some of these APs need to take several steps back.

We are Platinum Plus APs. This allows us unlimited entry to all 4 Walt Disney World Parks, both water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports and free parking at all theme parks. We receive merchandise and dining discounts, as well as small discounts on special ticketed events, special Passholder rates on resort stays (for certain times of year) and early registration for RunDisney events.

Even with all that (and, yes, I know not all of us are Platinum Plus), some APs are clearly not happy.

You see, during certain seasons and events, Disney gives things to Passholders like magnets and art prints. Sometimes during these limited releases, certain levels of APs are blacked out, which leaves them extremely angry that they can’t get said magnet or art print. Some APs don’t live local and won’t be coming to Disney World during these release times. And yet, even though both of those reasons were their choice (timing of vacations and level of Passholder status), it’s Disney’s fault that they can’t get the freebie. Or, even better yet, they spend so much money at Disney, both on their passes and while on property, that they DESERVE said freebies.

I am not one of the pissed off entitled APs, so how do I know they exist? Well, they let you know at every chance they get. I follow the official Disney World Passholder page on Facebook and every time a magnet is mentioned, hundreds of comments follow from APs that feel they should be mailed to everyone because [insert entitlement here].

I have joined several AP groups on Facebook, hoping for camaraderie, looking to find a commonality or maybe some park-going friends and I’ve had to leave the groups because OMG there are so many entitled people, I couldn’t handle it.

No one forced you to become a Passholder! If you can’t get a magnet, suck it up! If the wristbands for Rick Springfield were gone because you got there at 430pm for a 6pm show, suck it up! If a cast member forgot to ask if you had an AP and you paid full price for something and now you want to retroactively get your discount but they said, sorry no, SUCK IT UP!

I guess, really, my only point here is that I probably won’t be making any AP friends any time soon. I appreciate everything our monthly payment gets us and I ask for very little in return. And if someone comes across this and wants to be a part of an AP group that doesn’t give a hoot about magnets, then find my new group on Facebook and we can be snarky Disney World friends!

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